Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it safe to buy accounts?

When buying accounts from, you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality, made the possible safest way. That said, there’s always a risk when buying accounts, as why we are providing a ban warranty with all accounts sold by us.

Can my main account get banned?

No, your main account can not be banned for using our service! You are buying a separate account, with absolutely no relation to your main account.

What about low priority queue? (LoL related)

Our automated system checks all accounts before sale to prevent issues like this. However, in very rare cases, our system may fail to properly check an account. Accounts in low priority queue will not be replaced, for this reason solely.

What info will I receive upon purchase?

League of Legends: You receive username and password (no email is needed as the account is unverified).

What summoner name will my account have? (LoL related)

The summoner names are randomized, although they sound legit and catchy (may contain numbers). If you are not satisfied with your name you can always buy a name change for 13,900 BE from the in-game store.

How fast is the new account delivered?

Our system automatically sends out the account details upon payment. If you have not received the email within 5-10 minutes, please check your spam folder before contacting support.